A disabled, single parents rants of life


Haven’t been on here in a long time, not even sure how to use it anymore. How do you find and add people to connect with? I may never figure this place out. I am kinda old to even be trying too. LOL.


Nice quiet Saturday just hanging out at the homefront and relaxing.  Nothing special and trying to unwind after yesterday dealing with idiots.  Now that all thats over I am on my way to bed.  Tired so cutting it short tonight.  Just me and 3 kids and significant other heading off to catch zzz’s.  We did go to Nana’s again tonight to grab some food.  After last nights stolen battery episode I don’t know how much more before I start picking these jerks off over here.  This is bs to go around stealing peoples car batteries because you can’t get out and get a decent job.  Got another so thats ok but I am still po’d about it.  Then the middle kid acted a fool over a darned bag of potato chips and threw a  fit right there at the gas station.  Then rattled off his little and loud complaints and threats which everyones sick of.  And he got bombarded with it right back.  Teenagers-oh vey!!!  Neck is bothering me as is arthritis so off to bed we go.  Tomorrow is church Sunday if we go but most likely my oldest will go.    I am glad for that.  I hope its for the right reasons and not a guy.  But whatever can help her figure out her beliefs will work for me.  Either way I usually read the Bible daily and study morning and nights to better understand stuff.  Peace out and prayers to Wills family and our own.  Thanks to Wills family for helping us tons already.  I love you guys.  Prayers to The Rogers family also.  God Bless.

Ever since the oldest moved out and into her dads.  The neighbors get a bit noisy on weekends and late nights but other than that its been really nice here.  I can’t say I expected it tho’ at first when oldest left but most of all of it is her drama.  Girls are really bad about that.  I missed her at first and now its not a bad thing at all although the family thinks shes crazy now for moving in with the one person who called her every name in the book in public places in front of people and left both of them high and dry to survive alone.  IDK what shes thinking and really at this point its their problem and not mine anymore.  She came to visit last weekend and the weekend awhile back for breakfast at IHOP.  Wasn’t too bad.  Her Nana which is my bfs mom took and spent almost $300 on her for shoes and clothes since all her dad wants to do is bitch about it.  And act like a baby and spoiled brat.  He seriously needs to grow up.  Sometimes he acts like he is getting there and a week later he does a total 360 degree turn.  Men are weird in that respect.  I would never live or hang out with someone who doesn’t give a rats ass about me or my brother even tho’ we were the man’s own flesh and blood.  But its about the money with him.  He wants to claim her on taxes and not have to pay child support.  He ain’t home since he’s a trucker either so its not like he actually does things one on one with her.  Never has been like that with them.  Poor kids have to live with that and learn the hard way.  She thinks by being there he is gonna care more and act like it and show it but all of us know what a show off act it is including his own family.  Other than that everythings fine here.  Weather is getting rainy and windy and spring like finally.  Cerice is 3 and adorable as ever.  She sings and holds conversations with us like a normal adult now.  She is precious.  She has taken the spot in my heart since the other two have grown up and moved on.  They all do sooner or later sad to say.  Planning on moving and getting another vehicle.  TTYL.

I don’t get anyone anymore including family.  My own is supposed to be there and reach out yet they act like history can just be forgotten.  I understand forgiveness but playing both sides is just wrong.  Maybe to them it’s a form of staying neutral but I am sick of the mind games.  I deal with enough from my estranged hopefully soon to be departed jerk of an ex-husband/deadbeat dad.  But when you come to trade kids don’t involve other innocent kids into it.  These jerks brought my niece who has cerebral palsy over to my home to pick up not both kids but just one-Nick.  Amanda’s own father will have nothing to do with her because he can’t admit he screwed up their lives and is allowing them to do and go without.  But he plays the children against one another causing rivalry and then steps back to watch all while hiding behind his girlfriends who are Chihuahuas who bark orders and try to nip you into doing what they demand.  Sorry that games over, no more rolling over for these losers.  She just got edited outta my life tonight.  The police said she and him both were violating a COR I have and I don’t know what the police are gonna do at this point.  The police are sick of him and her both.  When I go downtown to deal with stuff they even know me by my name and face all because of his loser butt.  I try to be fair and do the parental switch off but he never follows the order and sends my oldest home upset every time.  He is physically, mentally, verbally, and emotionally abusive to the three of us.  And when his girlfriend comes over to drop the kids off early at one point awhile back, she had literally whipped his butt in front of my 2 kids.  Once again both kids were upset.  But I am the bad person because…..  I don’t get them, or it, or anyone anymore.  I am sick of the whole deal.  If this is family, its torture and I am stepping away from it.  Family sticks together but not when one person is always doing wrong.  Family is supposed to step up and open their mouths.  I can see why all they do is argue, they don’t know the first thing about love and respect.  And playing like a child with cerebral palsy has no idea or clue as to what’s happening is all bull in my book.  We all know the child’s mother would have already beat the crap outta her younger brother for the shit he pulls.  We all know he deserves every bad thing brought upon himself.  I deserve a break.  If not I may end up “breaking” someone soon.  Give a disabled, single parent a flipping break for Christ’s sakes.  Leave us alone and keep your drama to yourselves.  PS bringing your children over to your home for a visit doesn’t include leaving them with strangers, non-family, and girlfriends.  Its supposed to be you and the child/children spending time together not ignoring them or making them do your housework and cleaning because you won’t.

New Beginnings Via Blogging

So I am just learning how all this actually works and makes life more streamlined.  Just playing around to get the general idea and a feel for blogging.  Just bear with me here peeps.  I am at least trying and hoping that all these surveys I do for prizes and money will indeed be more efficient and pay off better.  And those book reviews turn out to be a heck of a lot easier.  Who knows I may just enjoy it and learn stuff.  Peace.

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